Prof. Henryk Skarżyńsk.

Director of the International Center of Hearing and Speech, Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing, Kajetany near Warsaw, Nadarzyn.

No third revolution
You are the pioneer of the program of total deafness treatment applying cochlear implants. How does the method work?
We have started the program of total deafness treatment applying cochlear implants in 1992, in 1998 program of total deafness treatment applying brain stem implants, in 1993 program of early detection of hearing disorders in infants and newborns, in 1999 original in the world scale program of universal hearing, speech and vision screening via the internet, in 2002 I performed the first in the world operation of treatment of partial deafness applying cochlear implant in an adult, and in 2004 in a child. In 2003 I performed the first middle ear implantation.
What is the International Center of Hearing and Speech?
International Center of Hearing and Speech is a modern diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation center in the field of otolaryngology, audiology, phoniatrics. It is a unique in the world scale medical unit.
What is the profile of performed surgeries?
The Center provides complex treatment of deafness and profound deafness, congenital and aquired defects of external, middle and inner ear; voice and speech disorders; tinnitus and balance disorders. Specialists perform unique on the world scale reconstructive operations of the ear, and treatment of total and partial deafness applying cochlear implants.
Could you please name your organizational achievements?
35 operations is being preformed every day (the biggest number of operations in this specialty in the world). Over 350 patients is appointed every day by our otolaryngology, audiology, phoniatrics and psychology, speech therapy and biomedical engineering specialists.
What directions of development did you choose for your center?
First of all we would like to meet the expectations of domestic and foreign patients.Didactic program, including education for specialists of various fields, parents of children with hearing and speech disorders, adults with tinnitus and balance disorders.
You are the pioneers in applying modern telecommunication measures in treatment of patients. How does the therapy work?
Inaccessible efficiency within this range is related to new and cheap methods of communication the Internet, launched on a large scale. This includes teleconsultations and postoperative rehabilitation within so called "Home Clinic of Rehabilitation". Complementary to the above possibilities are modern platform enabling us to provide distant learning, unique equipment for the 3D transmission to the conference room and a special laboratory that are used in otosurgeons' trainings. Organizing and opening new satellite centers of the Institute means also meeting the patient needs. The satellite centers organized in several polish towns and International Center of Rehabilitation are complementary to the Center, they strengthen the relation with patients and draw us near their place of living. We also offer complex service for the patients from abroad, all within the above mentioned specialities, in very good conditions,applying the newest equipment, provided by the highly specialized staff.

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